I’m a writer and a feminist living in New York City (alright, I live in Hoboken. But it’s totally the 6th borough, ok guys?). I’m about to graduate from NYU with a degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies, which means that I piss off Spellchecker about a thousand times a day with words like, “racialization” and “neocolonialism.”

When I’m not writing this blog, I’m either working in my cube at Doctors Without Borders, drooling over Rachel Maddow, or penning my first nonfiction book. You know you want to read it. If I’m not doing any of these things, you can probably find me sitting on my couch, sans pantalones, watching E! News and talking to myself in French.

Most of this happens in the one-bedroom apartment I share with my superhot, butch fiancée, who is the most handsome and supportive lady I know. She reads everything I write, even though politics literally put her to sleep.

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Have a writing assignment? I actually do this for a living, as a freelance journalist and commercial copywriter. I’ve worked with a diverse array of clients, ranging from corporate business owners to non-profit managers and activists. I can write anything you throw at me, from feature stories, to annual reports, to ad copy, grant proposals, and direct mail campaigns. Check out my professional website, and learn more about Hannah R. Winsten Communications, or contact me at hwinsten@gmail.com, or 732-272-5852. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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